Wednesday, July 31, 2013

fashion in Wynwood.

i went to El Mini Market last Sunday at Wood Tavern in Wynwood (held every month, every last Sunday from 2pm-sundown) and there were so many cool peeps around, my fashion gauge was going crazy. i got a lot of images and i had to edit this down so i didn't overwhelm. these are the final picks, best dressed, if you will.. on a really hot day in Miami.

love the purple color. perfect worn-in loafers. perfect medallion.

medallions are hot. almost as hot as her.

this guy.

okay. i watched these people walk around the market for about 20 minutes before i finally got the courage.. to ask my friend Valerie.. to get a photo of them. that red pill box is just killing me. dear people, start wearing hats.

and the Chanel leather fannypack with it all.. no puedo.

it was at least 90 degrees on this day. what a gentlemen.

head to toe.

sweet guy from the "O".

pretty sure this happened to be the h.b.i.c. with a dapper-looking fellow.

art is my weapon. i love it.

photos by me and valerie petralia. edited by me.

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