Tuesday, July 9, 2013

think outside the clock.


when i lived right off calle ocho, a Steampunk jewelry artist, Rachael Victoria Adams, lived above me who made (and still makes) beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry from upcycled components and relics of Natural History. Valerie came over one night to chill and i introduced them of course.. and Val and i fell in love with her stuff. we chatted over a couple beers and probably a few swigs of maker's mark while looking at her really intricate designs of honest-to-God skulls and beetles designed into antique pocket watches and other clockwork pieces. (she also collects vintage photographs of circus performers and all types of really interesting, mesmerizing stuff.) we talked shit for a while, drank a good bit - super fun night.
ok, fast forward several months. Val's bf, Simon, asks me for Rachael's contact so he could surprise her with a one-of-a-kind necklace from this amazingly unique collection. and bam, there it was. a perfect gift and it's the only one. it's nice to show your love and appreciation with equally special, one and only gifts. good job, Simon.

Rachael Victoria Adams created Nouveau Motley in 2004, go check it out. facebook page link. so many people like it already, you will too.

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