Sunday, June 30, 2013

back at it.

i'm terrible at communication. i got a new job. i've been working furiously with my head down for 3 months and i'm very grateful for the opportunities i've been given. they didn't come without obstacles but it's all been worth it and it's undoubtedly shaping me for my future career, whatever that may be - still figuring it out but i'm not in a huge rush. it'll come. que sera, sera. 
i'm learning so much at my new job, i'm a junior graphic designer for multiple fashion brands in an agency-type setting. it gets a little gray with what i do, but that's what i love about it - it's fast-paced so it keeps me on my feet. i'm usually doing a variety of different projects at once, because doing the same thing every day is not cool. i get to be fairly independent which i fully appreciate but i have the support of a creative team at all times. i work with well-known brands as well as younger brands which is where i get to use more of my own creativity - very rewarding. i know i've been given a lot of responsibility early in my time there and i have a group of high-level print and web designers around me who's knowledge i'm soaking up like a sponge. as much as i can at once anyway. i've pushed myself, gained a lot of confidence as a designer but i've seen how much there is to learn, how far there is to go and i'm happy to say that i love what i do. 
photos of some highlight moments while i've been gone.

my second desk, in my second month. my first one wasn't as private, as spacious or as full of potential, it's all about location. this one is actually in the creative dept., where they keep the lights off so the designers can see the colors easier. puts me right in the zone.

driving barefoot, trying to preserve my two-tone color/material pumps from Zara.

sometimes i work with ginormous files for print.

weekend job, every once in a while. cartoon voiceovers in boca.

a best friend went through a mission to get me the most perfect birthday card, sent twice in an envelope complete with hand-lettering because we're typography g's.

i love my desk! a work in progress. 

it's not always glamorous but it's fun when it is. model boards for a photoshoot

my current desktop wallpapers because i'm a nerd like that.

oh and i saw this wicked thing while having lunch at Shucker's. remember that deck that collapsed during the Heat game? it was there.

this was it.

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