Thursday, June 14, 2012


1 - 2 - 3

1. $64. topshop | red stained print bikini (has removable straps!)
2. £295 ($458.) norma kamali | bill halterneck swimsuit
3. i really doubt this one's free - but i couldn't find the price.. or the product for that matter. but, the link is there where it was sourced from. adlsf;j. it was just too cute not to include.. don't you think? it's completely adorbs. (sorry, this is a new word obsession. don't worry, i develop new ones all the time.)

i really, really need to go bathing suit shopping. actually - i really, really need to make some extra money. but, look at these beauts. they're so chic, sexy, and fun. i love them all equally!


  1. Love that Topshop suit! The print gives it such a cool twist on the classic pin up girl vibe!

    1. it's like modern day pin-up + tribal prints. so 2012.