Sunday, June 24, 2012


image over this image.

the past few weeks in a nutshell. the image underneath is very beautiful and you should go see the original. it's very true on how overthinking can get to you. 

it's important to have that meditation time (which i haven't given myself a lot of lately - that regathering, cleansing time to recharge the ole' battery.) 

i'm starting to get it together though, girls. i am. to be honest, i need some financial stability up in here. so, i really have to buckle down and focus on something great for my career and my living situation in the present - you knowutmsyn.

so, as stressful as it may be... things needs to be done.. some risks, some changes and some sacrifices need to be made.

if you guys have some tips on how you keep yourself focused and on track with staying balanced - that'd be great. :) always good to hear some friendly feedback and advice whenever you're having one of those weeks. or so.

- love, love, love,

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