Thursday, May 17, 2012


wardrobe: American Apparel
styling: Brandy Swope

the more and more i'm involved with the interesting experience of photoshoots, i realize how special and personal each one of the photos becomes to everyone involved. i mean, not to mention the entire day spent with the photographer, model, and assistants (if we're lucky) running around, driving around, sweating like pigs, lying on the floor (sometimes in the dirt), sharing cigarette breaks and wardrobe changes... we all have memories of the photos and the day we shared. i fall in love with so many of the photos we produce that it's easy to forget the necessity and importance of editing

the lack of editing can really smudge up a great piece. a piece of art through fashion, writing, decor... maybe some of the attempts to express a creative idea and/or direction within the emails of the freelance world - whatever it may be! to me it's all about trimming the fat, getting to the point, and making it easy to see and/or read. to read how it flows along in my mind - which is super fricken hard. but it has also, miraculously, given me the power of writing. i've been so terrified to express myself online in fear that number one, it can never be taken back slash who knows who will end up reading this and then number two, the very possible and embarrassing risk of misrepresenting myself, alongside work that i'm very proud of. well, i saw this today that made me change my mind about that. i just need to be strict on my editing. 

so, to take my own advice.. i went back and edited "A Summer Shoot", the very first project Good Exposure and i worked on as a team. we've came a long way since then and we can credit a lot of that progress to the magic of other things not making the cut. every one of our photos will serve a [great] purpose at one time or another and it shouldn't be all at once.

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