Thursday, May 24, 2012


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this outfit is inspired by one of the greatest graphic designers / art director / stylist / teacher / blogger / badassmug's work that i have ever seen. bri emery: owner and operator of and blogshop. she has honestly, single-handedly (and unknowingly) given me the confidence to find my own voice through my very own blog. i've been stalking her for a while now and i feel like she's so much like me (or i'm so much like her) - except she's way more . . . successful. she's obviously doing everything right. and her style has really taken a tight grasp onto me and my creative thought. i'm constantly finding new ways to design and being confident in my natural style + aesthetic as a designer and stylist and i really couldn't thank her (or love her) anymore for that. i slowly but surely am finding my own unique image for my brand simultaneously as i post content on this blog (which could be a good or bad thing) but either way - it'll be an interesting thing to look back on someday. (real quick, let me freak you out by saying we've never met at all - she lives in LA - but she did reply to a tweet of mine the other day.... which i am totally not above bragging/name dropping about!

this outfit (maybe with a few changes of replacing the brown tones with brighter/more cheerful ones) is something i think bri would wear on a day out with a fun friend - casually shooting and making her magic. 

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