Sunday, May 20, 2012


wardrobe: Maddie Flanigan
photography: Valerie Petralia
styling + design: Brandy Swope
model: Maddie Flanigan

this shoot was a lot of fun to say at the least. basically a mini party of 3 girls throwing shakers of glitter and dancing to a gloriously loud ipod.. it was a very cute surprise to find out Maddie gets her groove from lil wayne and rihanna.. i know there's a short video of this somewhere.

the beautiful dress Maddie is wearing is another one of her amazing pieces. my jaw dropped to the floor when she removed it from it's wrapper (that's the only appropriate name for this little droplet of eye candy) and then she told me it was hers... i adore the way it falls, the way it looks when she's dancing. simple yet fancy.. classy yet fun. actually, a lot like Maddie herself.

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