Monday, May 28, 2012


wardrobe: Back In Style
photography: Valerie Petralia
styling/design: Brandy Swope
models: Chris Robair, Brandy Swope

i'm working on a project creating a campaign for a menswear line coming out and i had to create an actual advertisement for it. and i had to be in it. so i thought - this is the perfect opportunity to force my loving and supportive boyfriend, Christopher, to shoot a few shots with me (because obviously, i need a man for a menswear line.) he was amazing as our model. and as you can see, he cleans up nice. gosh, i'm a lucky girl... and who ever said you'd never wear your senior prom dress again? 7 years later and i'm still not yet embarrassed of what i wore *phew! - fashionista in the making i was. and i remember i found it in a really unassuming store under $90 (because oh, you're never going to wear the thing again) ha.

anyway, my very good friend and owner of the absolutely fabulous vintage shop Back In Style who sells high-end designer vintage clothing and accessories is such an amazing woman and she graciously let me use that exquisite jacket you see there, the lush shoulder wrap, and the patterned rhinestoned vintage Gucci sandals. ...yeah. if you are ever craving a beautiful piece and want to support a truly wonderful store, please go to her website and treat yourself. 

the photo above is one of the "money" shots (as i've been saying a lot lately) from the day. valerie snapped amazing photos of us wearing these pieces and i can not wait to make a full editorial out of it. check back. a lot is happening so i know there is a lot of bits and pieces of everything coming up on the blog but, it's all going to come together soon. :) hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend! 


  1. Wow is right. You both look like models. I guess you ARE models now.


    1. I was also inspired by the "woman with many arms" that you posted on Pinterest. I showed my wife and asked her if she wants to pose for it. She agreed! So my version is coming soon. Thanks!

    2. that's awesome!!! i will definitely check that out! :D aw yay!