Thursday, April 26, 2012


my gorgeous friend, Monica, came down to visit from Pittsburgh last month and i was immediately thinking of styling her the moment she told me she was planning to come. 
she's a smart, goofy, free, funny spirit in a model's body.. and i knew she would be perfect to shoot in some pretty beachwear around ft. lauderdale. 

Valerie, another beautiful talent, helped us out by um well, shooting the whole thing.. i usually mention her every 3 posts or so.. you probably know her well. if not, you can find all of her work here. she's so fun. and amazing at what she does.
on this gorgeous day, we got up early to catch the amazing light.. and it paid off. the incredible banyan tree didn't hurt as a backdrop either. yes that's tree, as in one. one big banyan man.
monica was such a natural and got better as the day went on. breeze to work with, she's always smiling and laughing so styling a happy girl is always a fun job. i mean, look at her! just havin fun.
now, these are just some instagrams from my phone, just wait until one of my next posts. there are so many amazing shots Valerie captured. i love them all. i hope you will too. check back!
Valerie even managed to snap some great photos of us during the touch-ups for my styling portfolio.. for that and many other reasons.. is why she's so darn great.

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