Thursday, April 19, 2012


image here.
one of the biggest problems for women (and men!) in their personal style is that they don't know or understand what their correct size is. i mean, let's be honest, wearing shit too small for you is not helping the situation.. and guys! stop wearing suits that are too. big. it's horrible, awful, painful really. and i'm not judging, just trying to help. i'm definitely guilty of this at times, but i'm aware and that's the first step. oh, and i blame it on the fact that i don't have my own body scanner. digital body scanners are going to seriously help this worldwide (excuse me, mainly nationwide) epidemic. you know those europeans know how to fit a suit - we need them. these scanners size you up in about 10 to 12 seconds, giving you your exact measurements almost immediately. pretty much like the ones at target australia over here. i mean, the possibilities!! target will have better fitting clothing for you in no time, basically giving everyone the treatment of retail royalty. and who will all be looking.. fabulous. work it now, girl.