Monday, February 6, 2012

the perfect name for my blog.

i've been going through the dictionary page by page trying to find the perfect title for my blog. and so far, i've found some good words but not a lot has really jumped out and smacked me in the face yet. let's see - wanderlust which means to desire to roam or travel, to understand one's very existence (which actually, is utter perfection and is what inspired me to find something better than my stupid name. ya know, i just mean it's boring. and i'd like to find a good word or two that represents my work.) anyway, the best word i've came across so far is - persnickety - which is too particular or precise; fussy. i like it. i guess we'll see after a few more nights of exploring through the dictionary.

and, as far as persnickety goes, this is a floor plan i sat nights up working on last quarter. you can't begin to see the detail i put into this and once i get a higher quality camera (and the original piece back from my professor) - i will show you persnickety.
drawing by brandy swope.

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