Monday, January 16, 2012

martin luther king day.

slept on the floor in our old apartment for the last time. i'm going to miss it, especially our land lord. she was great. but i feel good about our new place. boyfriend worked his ass off getting everything done in time, i love him. now we have a brand new apt. filled with crap to organize. i need to summon a monica moment. 

today, i had chris take me to school so i could use their internet and electricity - since we don't have that yet. on the way there, i say that i should just go to a starbucks and work, it's only 10 blocks from the new place. but no, i hesitate and we drive by. chris drives me 70 more blocks. and the girl working at the front desk looks at me like i have 3 heads. school's closed, genius. it's martin luther king day. so, i took my new bus route back 70 blocks and i'm at starbucks sipping chai now, about to finish all of my work, get things taken care of for the new place, and go make that place home. happy martin luther king day.

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